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The Marble-scuplted gin

Discovering Marmoris gin’s taste is like exploring a new world, living an intense and satisfying experience. The fist step in this journey is about unraveling two misteries that increase both surprise and knowledge.

the first secret is about the botanicals, selected and combined to enhance the distillate’s flavour, according to the London Dry method, creating a high quality and clarity gin with the magnificence of the white marble from the Apuane alps. Nothing is left to chance with the Marmoris Gin.


The <span>Marble-scuplted</span> gin
Marmoris Gin


Marmoris GIN

42% Vol - 50 cl

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Cocktails, the taste of emotions

With Marmoris gin, there’s a cocktail for every occasion: at sunset, on a beach or on a mountain enjoying the landscape, on the edge of a pool, absorbed in the serenity of the countryside or the euphoria of a party. The Marmoris Gin is the main ingredient for original, fresh and lovely cocktails to share with some friends and create unforgettable memories.

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Message in a bottle

Each Marmoris gin bottle is like a processed block of white marble, a unique piece that embraces the tradition of the master craftsmen from Forte dei Marmi and tells us the story of a strong connection between the land and the community.

Once upon a time, the white marble blocks were transported from the Apuane alps to the city’s wharf, from where they were then exported to the rest of the world. This story is told by every Marmoris gin bottle, which enhances the aroma of the botanicals with its clarity and mineral taste, like natural elements combined in an unending dance.


Would you like to serv Marmoris Gin in your club? Or maybe become one of our dealers?

Write us at info@marmorisgin.it and you will be contacted after a few days with a customized catalog made for you.

Marmoris Gin